Ab Hoy Maren

Meharene Ab in Amharic, preceded by the reading aloud of the Psalms of David (in Amharic), and followed by a brief teaching (in English), and then a translation of that teaching (in Amharic) dovetailing another teaching (in Amharic).

An Amharic word of life, prepared for on the fly, accompanying Amharic Evensong/Vespers.

ጻድቃን : እንደ : ሆኑ : በራሳቸው : ለሚታመኑና : ሌሎቹን : ሁሉ : በጣም : ለሚንቁ : ይህን : ምሳሌ : ነገራቸው (Luke 18:9 Haile Silasé Bible)

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